Pressure Piping

piping-steel Pressure piping operations are a vital part of many industries.

Aero-Tech specializes in the construction of process piping using carbon and stainless steel.

We offer assistance in every aspect of the pressure piping system’s building and maintenance. Among our pressure piping services are:

  • Hydrostatic testing – our expert team tests your pipes for any leaks. The strength of the pipe pressure is assessed and recommendations given.
  • Non Destructive Examination (NDE) – we will examine the state of the materials in your pressure piping system without causing any damage to the components.
  • Positive Material Identification – in order for you to make adjustments or any welding repairs, you need to know the precise composition of the metals in your piping system. Our team can establish the quantities of different materials for the safe operation of your pipes.
  • Material Tracking – Every project is specialized and sometimes requires custom fabrication of materials. If Aero-Tech does not have the needed material at hand, we will find and track it so our customers can get the pressure piping system they need.
  • Design Engineering Assistance and Certification – Our engineers can assist you with the design of our pressure piping system. Innovative solutions tailored to your particular needs will result in a long-lasting product.
  • Sand Blasting/Painting and Coating – alongside the welding repairs of your pressure piping system, we offer sand blasting, painting and coating.
Our customer are in good hands, as we have been certified by ABSA to ASME B31.3 for the construction of process piping.