Process Packaging & Skid Fabrication

Industrial fabrication


Years of experience in the field has made Aero-Tech a leading industrial metal fabricator. The availability of wide range of industrial materials allows Aero-Tech to be a part of every stage of our customers’ projects. We can effectively manage:

  • The design assistance stage
  • Manufacturing stage
  • Coordination of trades
  • The final assembly
By using us for the complete project management, our clients benefit from our:
  • Competitive pricing – Aero-Tech is involved in the industrial fabrication of various materials, thus we are able to offer lower prices to our customers.
  • Efficient deliveries – As an industrial metal fabricators, we have every material short at hand and we are able to speed up the completion and delivery of products.

Process packaging & skid fabrication

Alongside being an industrial metal fabricator, Aero-Tech delivers complete skid fabrication. We assist with various processes among which are:

  • Industrial fabrication – we provide custom fabrication of stainless and carbon steel, among others.
  • Sandblasting, paining and coatings – our teams can sandblast and paint any needed parts of the project.
  • Electrical operations
  • Plumbing procedures
  • Insulation
  • Non Destructive examination
  • Provide and maintain engineering requirements
  • Computer aided designs