Water Jet Cutting

Aero-Tech is driven by innovation and developments and our water jet machining system is no exception.

We push to discover the technology that will be widely applicable for many projects over a range of industries. Therefore, we have developed our water jet machining system to include:

  • A working envelope of 120″ x 312″
  • Ease of operation for up to 9″ of thickness
  • Adjustable cutting head
  • 60 degrees tilt in any direction of the cutting head

The components of the water jet machining system allow for clean edges, and reduction of the damage done to the material, unlike the heat inducing cutting equipment. Alongside preserving the quality and shape of the original material, the water jet cutting benefits include:

  • high precision of the final cuts, with final tolerance of 0.002″
  • water jet cutting allows for cold cutting, therefore eliminating the heat effected zone
  • excellent edge quality
  • straight or beveled edges
  • less thickness loss at the edges

Since Aero-Tech is an industrial metal fabricator, employing fast cutting equipment, such as the water jet cutting equipment in Calgary, is crucial to our quality of work and time of completion.